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I was born in Lille (north of France) on the 31st of December 1950 and I have a degree in mathematics.

As I love Brittany and the Bretons, Jean-Louis and I went to live in the Finistère. My passion for earth and fire led me to study the practice of turning, modelling and enamelling of stoneware and china.

In 1981, I resigned from the secure job of a mathematical teacher to become ceramist in the harbour town of Pont-Aven. I exhibited in craftwork galleries and attended potters' fairs all over France. These years of working with clay taught me the dexterity necessary to a free creation.

In 1986, Philippe Inquimbert, GP by day and caster by night, introduced me to the lost wax technique and, gradually, bronze established itself as my favourite material for the creative freedom it allows, despite its technical constraints.

In 1988, I moved to an old farm, la Michellerie, in Chéméré, a village close to Nantes. Sculpting then began to play an increasingly important part in my ceramic work.

1994 is the year when, for the first time, I had my own solo exhibition devoted only to bronze work.

My style was asserting itself and my work was shown in numerous exhibitions in the district.

I then fell under the spell of Léni Riefenstahl’s photos and tried to render the feeling of power but also of happiness and freedom that emanates from them.

In 2001, I created a bronze door in a double-sided low relief.

2002 was dedicated to plants; I harmonised the human and animal worlds in pieces evoked by the natural treasures I found in my garden.

In 2003 and 2004, inspiration came from my dinner plate. The symmetry of poultry bones inspired me and I made a point of destroying this symmetry to give life and movement to characters drawn from myth and fable.

At the same time, together with my husband Jean-Louis, we created monumental sculptures in polyester, bronze and cement, the last of which now is displayed in Tegucigalpa, capital city of Honduras.



Main solo shows

Pornic,galerie Outremer 1994 - Pont-Scorff,Atelier d’Estienne 1998 – Poitiers,Hôtel de région Poitou-Charente  1998 - Saint-Renan,Galerie Notre Dame 1999 – Hans,Bouquinerie d’Argonne 2000 - Nantes, galerie De Arte 2002 – Lannester, mairie 2002 – Pornic, salle Jean Macé 2003—Vannes, Crédit Agricole du Morbihan 2004 – Noirmoutier,Street show, September 2004


Main prizes

1999 contemporary art show in Saint-Sébastien, 1st prize in sculpture

2000 contemporary art show in Landivisiau, 1st prize in sculpture

2001 travelling show, “Au fil de la Sèvre Nantaise”, 1st prize in sculpture



Member of Les Amis des arts de Nantes

Part-time teacher in an art school

Chairwoman of Sculpteurs-Bretagne